We are delighted you dropped in to visit us! We hope to answer here some of the questions you might have. But, in case we talked a lot and did not answer your most important question(s), please contact us. Your business means the world to us!

Should I expect the exact same color of fabric as I see on my computer's monitor or mobile device?

Despite our best efforts to create the perfect natural light photo representing each fabric in true color, variations in your monitor's color calibration settings can impact the appearance of our products. Because of that, which is out of our control, we can’t guarantee that the fabric's exact colors will be what you see on your device. If you must have a certain color and nothing else will do, we recommend you purchase one of our ½ yard (minimum cut size) parcels, and use it as your swatch.

What is the minimum fabric size you cut?

We cut our fabric in continuous ½ yard increments, unless your purchase size exceeds the amount available in the bolt. Please beware, some bolts come in as few as 9 yard total lengths, where others may come in as much as 17 yard lengths. If you need a large cut of fabric, please contact us so we can verify the bolt length with you and make sure your request will be cut in one piece.

What is the price per yard?

For all fabric we sell, the price shown is for ½ of a yard. If you wish to purchase 1 yard, please enter 2 in the quantity box when adding a fabric item to your cart.

How much fabric is in a ½ yard or 1 yard?

For most quilting weighted cottons:

  • 1/2 yard = 18 inches long x 44 inches wide
  • 1 yard = 36 inches long x 44 inches wide

While standard weight quilting cotton is manufactured mostly in 44 inches wide (including the selvage area, which is the edge of the fabric), there can be variations. Different manufacturers will have different widths for their products, which can range from 40 to 47 inches in width. We rely on each manufacturer’s product descriptions for the basis of our fabric listing, and you can find this information for each fabric once you open that specific fabric’s page.

Do you offer discounts?

We all love to save money whenever we can! However, our little business is very much in its infancy, and we want to be around for many years to come. So, in order to insure we stay in business providing you with beautiful products, we list our prices as fairly and competitively as possible. We will offer sales once or twice a year, and the best way to stay informed is to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

Where do I sign up for the newsletter?

At the bottom right corner of this page. Just type your email in the box and click on the envelope icon. All done! We also made it easy for you and will sign you up for our newsletter when you make your first purchase. We will not to bombard your inbox, but if you feel the need to opt out, we completely understand. We promise to make it worth your very precious time.

Will you sell my personal information?

Absolutely not. When you place your first purchase with us, we will automatically sign you up for our newsletter. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can do that. Again, we won’t be bombarding you with nonessential marketing stuff or meaningless offers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We are not able to accept checks, e-checks, or money orders. 

I need to add an item to an order I've already placed, can I do that?

We can sure try! To make things easier, please place a second order right away! In the comments box, reference your first order number. If we are able to catch your initial order in time before it is shipped, we will combine the orders for you. If any applies, we will refund the excess shipping cost. If your order is older than 24 hours, or you have already received shipping confirmation, please understand we won’t be able to combine shipping.

I just noticed my mailing address is wrong, can you please fix that?

If you happened to input your address incorrectly, please contact us right away. It is our goal to fulfill your orders quickly, and by the time you notice this mistake, your order could have already been shipped. If the package cannot be delivered and we receive it back, we will re-ship it to you. A new shipping fee will apply.

I received a refund notice, but I never asked for a refund, what happened?

Our life’s work is to provide the best customer service possible and to keep our inventory up to date. However, we are humans and at times we miss a number here or there. Or, maybe a bolt came defective, and we didn’t see it until we cut some pieces from it. Sometimes, the manufacturer will say the bolt has 15 yards but it only has 12. These things actually do happen, as those businesses are run and operated by humans as well. In case we sell an item that we do not have in stock, we won’t make you wait for the item to be restocked. We will just refund your order and contact you when the item is available again.

Oops, I accidentally made a purchase, can you cancel it for me?

Accidents happen, we know! If order has been cut, or has been shipped, we are very sorry - you are now the owner of amazing fabric and/or sewing tools & notions. If you still want to cancel the order and it has not shipped yet, we can refund your order, minus a 30% restocking fee. Thank you for understanding.

I am making a purchase as a gift; can I ship it directly to the person the gift is intended for?

Absolutely! At the checkout page, please enter the correct mailing address for the intended recipient in the Shipping Address, and you are all done. You will still use your address for billing purposes.

I would love to see the fabric in person, can I come by to shop or to pick up my order?

We love to feel each fabric as well, and to see their gorgeous colors in person. But at this time we do not have our products set up for in-person shopping, or for local pick up. Having a brick-and-mortar store is in our vision for the future, and your online orders will help us reach that goal!

We hope we've covered a lot here, but in case we have not addressed your specific question or concern, please write us a note. We will be happy to answer your questions! Just go to: Info (at)