45mm Rotary Cutter - The Best Ever!

For those of us who have accidentally left a rotary cutter's blade exposed, and then dropped it onto the floor (or on one of our toes, ouch!), this cutter is for us! You will never have to remind yourself again to engage the blade guard. When you press the cutter wheel down to cut, the blade guard disengages and is pushed up. By doing that, only a little bit of the blade gets exposed -- just enough to cut the fabric. Once you relieve the pressure, the blade guard re-engages and your blade becomes protected again. Genius! You can also adjust the wheel's "brake" from soft to hard, depending on the type of fabric you are cutting. That will help the cutter slow down a bit and makes fabric cutting easier. This cutter is tried and true for us, and we hope you will love it as much as we do.

Comes with one blade. Any 45 mm blade will fit this cutter.